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EVISU welcomes you to its first five-floor concept store in Hong Kong, located on Wellington Street, Central. The new concept has been created to offer customers more than a shopping experience. From the gallery art space, member’s only artisan Japanese cocktail bar through to the bespoke denim floor, time is well spent in this contemporary fashion and lifestyle destination.

EVISU was founded in Osaka in 1991 and was named after EBISU the Japanese god of prosperity. At its conception EVISU created just 14 pairs of jeans a day, with each caringly hand-painted with the now famous seagull logo. Today EVISU has grown and gained critical acclaim, as one of the ultimate denim must haves. Embraced by both collectors and hipsters alike, EVISU's unique style blends traditional know-how with a fashion edge.

The new concept store reflects the brand’s ethos with the interior incorporating artwork by the internationally known UK artist, INSA.  A fine artist and designer who established himself from a background in graffiti through to extensive street level work and gallery shows around the globe. INSA’s world is one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism and desire collide. To coincide with the store opening EVISU will also be showcasing Denim X Art installation; a show that brings together the idiosyncratic and reputable talents of INSA and Lady Gaga's designer, Alex Noble in an EVISU inspired world exclusive collaboration. The show will be exhibited on the gallery floor. In addition to the artworks on preview will be the upcoming limited edition, EVISU X INSA collection, not on general release until the end of September.

The bespoke denim floor presents another worldwide premier; the launch of EVISU bespoke jeans service. EVISU jeans tailored to your individual style with a choice of fabrics, fits, details, hand painting and much more. Simply, if you love denim, you’ll love this. It’s here too that customers can discover more about EVISU’s heritage, quality and craftsmanship by personal appointment. Culminating in your very own custom pair EVISU jeans, this is a special opportunity to be both inspired and advised.

The first two floors house the new 2013 A/W collections, incorporating elements of traditional Japanese denim alongside modern interpretations. This season offers a full range of mix and match outfits.

And on the fifth floor, EVISU is proud to present “barsmith”. A members’ only, artisan Japanese cocktail bar, open exclusively to members, from this fall. The name is derived from the connotation with ‘smith’ – to be an expert in what you do. Here you can savor specialized cocktails personally created by one of Tokyo’s leading mixologists. Another unique flavor of Japan brought to you by EVISU. It’s a place to hang, to relax, to talk fashion, art, culture, music and enjoy a drink with friends.

CEO David Pun comments: “In Japan, great care is taken to develop relationships when deemed long term. For EVISU, it’s denim connoisseurs. Our new space is harmonious and unique and designed with our key attributes in mind, but also, it’s a place to hang, to chat, to talk about culture and design and to learn about denim. We’re proud that Hong Kong, a strong fashion capital, has been given the accolade of EVISU’s premier five-story boutique store and we look forward to evolving the space in the future”.

The EVISU concept store is now open. You can contact the store directly for a bespoke appointment on 2234 7














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