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INSA X EVISU capsule collection
Famous UK artist INSA has announced a one-of-kind collaboration with EVISU and with the assistance of Lady Gaga’s designer, Alex Noble, taking the theme of fetishism to the extreme in the one-off novelty piece: a sumptuously crafted denim dominatrix bodysuit.

INSA comments: “It's a mix of fashion, fetish and art, pushing the idea of a commodity seen as a fetishised object - in this case, luxury denim - and using the material as an expression of this. It was a true pleasure to collaborate on the novelty piece with designer Alex Noble -who has created items for Lady Gaga among others - I feel we both understand the sublimation of extreme fashion to artistic expression.”

INSA has been the artistic direction behind new EVISU Wellington Street concept store’s edgy design and his trademark ‘graffiti fetish’ pattern can be seen on the ground and first floor.INSA is a fine artist and designer who has established himself from a graffiti background through extensive street level work and gallery shows around the world.INSA’s world is one where art, product, graffiti, fetishism, and desire collide. Interesting when fused with and inspired by the EVISU ethos.

In addition to the installation, INSA has created a limited edition capsule collection for EVISU using his own unique graffiti street style and love of colour in his interpretation. The collection sees INSA return to themes that have always played a central part in his work as an artist - the analogy between consumerism and fetishisation of products, and the desire money creates. INSA believes it transfixes people and often binds us as a society. It’s this idea that evoked details such as the silk scarf, the keyring clip and hidden gold chain details - all references to the ropes in Shibari.

INSA comments on his collection: “For me, colour can symbolise love and desire; so for the 'Gents Slim' a luxury-lined and printed jean, the brazen colour pattern is concealed - almost secretive. Contrastingly, the Couples Set is all about ostentatious colour, with the jean exterior drenched in rich paint. I like the idea of matching your outfit to your partner, it's audacious, but it’s playful too. I tried to incorporate those attitudes into the set.”

EVISU, the original denim brand to introduce denim wearers across the globe to premium-quality Japanese selvedge denim and custom distressing, has opened its first ever five story concept store on Wellington Street, Central.

CEO David Pun comments: “We invited INSA to be involved with developing the design of the new Wellington Street concept store because of his attitude and beliefs. He fits well with the traditions of EVISU; craftsmanship, design, moderninity. INSA’s artwork is internationally recognized and we are proud to host his first ever Hong Kong exhibition and of course, have the legacy of his designs as part of our store decor.”

The INSA exhibition will be available to visit from September 6th 2013 at EVISU, 3F, 60 Wellington Street, Central.



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